Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards


Date:†† 09-17-2012††††† Location: Stonewell Restaurant, Farmington, CT. ††† Time:†† 19:50 hr


Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Andrew Arsenault, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson

Absent: Anna Bongiorno, James Murdock, Steve Meltzer Guest: Gary Brooks


The Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards held a board meeting on 17th of Sept. to review its financial standing and conduct any other business that may come before the board.

Minutes - The meeting minutes of 07-18-2012 were reviewed and approved. A motion was made by Andy Arsenault and 2nd by Ken Nelson.


Financial Review Ken Nelson reported that the Friendsí bank account had $99,848.64 as of 09-17-2012 compared to $95,727.17 as of the last quarter. Ken also noted that $10,000 is still in the revolving account that is under the control of the military department.


Horse Show No discussion


Golf Tournament Will be reviewing the final results of the golf tournament with the golf committee in the next few weeks. Ken Nelson indicated that the income from the tournament was around $5,000. However this number could change once all the expenses and income are completed.††††††††††††††††††††


Board Members With Richard Belliveau moving to South Carolina in the next month, the nominating committee (Richard Belliveau and Jim Murdock) presented for the boardís consideration a new slate of officers and one new director to be appointed to the executive board for the Friends of 1GHG. The slate of officers was approved and accepted by the members of the board.

President-Steve Meltzer, Vice Pres.-Andy Arsenault, Treasurer-Ken Nelson, Secretary-Bill Cowell.New board member- Gary Brooks. Current directors- Anna Bongiorno and Jim Murdock


New Business

  1. The Friends has received a request ( see attached) from the 1st Company Governorís Horse Guard asking for a donation to cover expense for the balance of the 2012. The board approved a request of $5,000.00 to be given tothe Horse Guard this month to assist them with their expenses.


It was mentioned that with new leadership at the Guard that it may be necessary to explain to the new officers how the Friends would like to receive requests for assistance in the future. This should include a budget of income and expense for a complete fiscal year.


Meeting adjourned @ 21:30 hrs

Next meeting. 4th Quarter 2012 TBD†††††††††††††††††††††


William J. Cowell, Secretary††††