Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards, Inc


Date:   07-18-2012      Location: Stonewell Restaurant, Farmington, CT.     Time:   19:30 hr


Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Andrew Arsenault, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, Steven Meltzer, Anna Bongiorno, James Murdock.


The Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards held a board meeting on 18th of July 2012 to review its financial standing and conduct any other business that may come before the board.


Minutes - The meeting minutes of 04-24-2012 were reviewed and approved. A motion was made by Steve Meltzer and 2nd by Ken Nelson.


Financial Review Ken Nelson reported that, the Friends bank account had $95,727.17 as of 07-18-12 compared to $89,515.74 as of the last quarter. The increase was due to income from the 2012 June horse show. See financial report for details.


Horse Show Ken Nelson reported that the Horse show had a profit of $6,515.74. Steve Meltzer reported that he was not aware of who would be heading up the Horse Show for next year but that he would inquire as to who was planning to take this task on for the coming year. Some issues that Steve mentioned that would need attention are the date of next year’s show and how to generate more interest for the event.


Golf Tournament Steve Meltzer reported that the golf tournament had 75 potential golfers and we all needed to support Dan O’Flaherty to help make the tournament successful.


Board Members Will have to consider new board members and leadership since Rich Belliveau will be moving to South Carolina prior to the end of year. Will address at the next meeting.


GHG Revolving Account The state military department should not be asking for additional support beyond the $10,000 currently in the revolving account to help with the support of 1 GHG for this year.


New Business


  1. After the meeting adjourned it came to the attention of the board that Northeast Utilities may be able to provide assistance in getting lighting for the north and south riding rings so these areas could be unutilized at night. Rich Belliveau has addressed a letter to NU requesting possible assistance. See attached letter.


Meeting adjourned @ 21:30 hrs


Next meeting.  3rdt Quarter 2012 TBD                     


William J. Cowell, Secretary