Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards, Inc


Date:††† 10-17-2011†††† Location: Stone Well Rest. Farmington, CT. †††† Time:††† 18.00 hr

Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Andrew Arsenault, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, Steven Meltzer. Absent James Murdock.


The Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards held a board meeting on 17 October 2011 to discuss the request from the Military Department of the State of Connecticut for a donation that supports the operation of 1GHG and any other business that may come before the board.


Minutes - The meeting minutes of 05-24-20111 were reviewed and approved. Motion made by Steve Meltzer and 2nd by Ken Nelson.


New Business.


1. This special meeting of the 501 C was called so Richard Belliveau and Ken Nelson could report to the board on their meeting with the Adjutant General, General Martin.The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the request by the Military to provide funds directly to the State Military Department to assist with the funding to continue operation of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards for the fiscal year. 6/2011 to 6/2012 and beyond. Rich and Ken stated that both the First and Second Horse Guards were in attendance and that the Adjutant General was asking for a total of $35,000 for this and future years. Rich indicated that it would not be possible for the 501 to provide $35,000 a year based on income over the past five year. General Martin then told both units to review with their respective 501ís and provide in writing what each felt it could provide in the way of financial support.


After a discussion of the meeting with the General, income of the 501 for the past few years and possible options of support, Steve Meltzer made a motion that the 501 c would be willing to donate $10,000 per year for the next two years. The board would revisit future donations at the end of the 2 year commitment to determine if it could financially continue to provide this level of support. This level of support would be based on future income of the 501. The motion was seconded by Andy Arsenault and approved by the board.


2. New Board members.Bill Cowell asked if anyone knew of individuals who would be interested in filling vacancies on the board. Steve Meltzer asked what the qualifications are for someone to be on board. A discussion indicated that an interest in keeping Horse Guard in existence would be most important. Members were asking to bring forward possible names of individuals that would be possible members.




Next meeting.4tht Quarter 2011 DBT†††††††††††††††††††††


William J. Cowell, Secretary††††