Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards, Inc


Date:   29 September, 2009                            Location:         Silo Restaurant Farmington, CT.

Time:   20:30 hr


Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Andrew Arsenault, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, Richard St. Pierre, Richard Morgenstern and  James Murdock


The Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards held a board meeting on 29 September, 2009 to review its financial position and discuss the results from the 2009 Golf Fund raiser.


Minutes - the board meeting minutes of 30 June, 2009 were reviewed and approved.


Financial Review: - Ken Nelson reviewed the financial report with the board (see attached report) and the report was accepted. Currently the board account has $83,588.56 cash balance as of September 15, 2009. Ken reported the golf tournament fund raiser netted $13,012.63 for 2009 vs. $14,241.92 for 2008.


Golf Committee Richard St.Pierre indicated that the 2009 Golf tournament raised about $1,200.00 less than last year. Rich also indicated that he had started and has been responsible for running the Golf Tournament for the last four years and needs to consider taking a less activity role in with Tournament in upcoming years.  501-c members asked both Rich St Pierre and Rich Morgenstern to defer any decisions on this until year end and hopefully some new leadership could be found. Rich St. Pierre indicated that he would wait until year end


New Business


Donations- Ken Nelson made a motion to donate $2,000.00 of the Golf Tournament profits   to “” organization. The “Give2tothetroops” sends care packages to armed forces in combat zones. The motion was seconded by Jim Murdock and approved by those in attendance.











Next meeting.    20, October 2009 with active officer of 1 GHG invited.                     


William J. Cowell, Secretary