Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards, Inc


Date:   30 June, 2009                                                  Location:         99 Restaurant Avon, CT.

Time:   19:00 hrs


Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, Richard St. Pierre, Richard Morgenstern. Absent: James Murdock


Honorary Members/Guests:  David Duff, John Stone, Joe Langlais, Anna Bongiorno,  Ketil Osland, Andy Arsenault.


The Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards held a board meeting on 30 June, 2009 to review its financial position and other new business that may come before the board.


Minutes - the board meeting minutes of  1 February, 2009 were reviewed and approved.  Motion made by Rich Morgenstern and seconded by Ken Nelson


Board Members – Andrew Arsenault was asked and accepted be a director on Friends Board to replacing Robert Mazzara who stepped down from the board. Andy’s  appointed was approved by all.  A number of people had been invited to attend board meetings as honoray members of the Friends. Their responsibility is to attend board meeting when possible to gain an understanding of what the board does in order to replace active board members as the need arises. Those in attendance are listed above. All the board members appreciate the willingness of the honorary members to be part of the Friends and help with the duties of the Friends.


Financial Review: - Ken Nelson reviewed the financial report with the board (see attached report) and the report was accepted. Currently the board account has $87,879.47  balance as of June 29, 2009. The Horse Show netted $10,825 compared to $9,093 in 2008 and $14, 844 in 2007. Concern was expressed that income appears to be down this year for both the horse show and upcoming golf tournament.


Golf Committee Richard St.Pierre indicated that the 2009 Golf committee is working with the active Officers of the troop  to discuss how the troop can become more active with the Golf Fund raiser. It was hoped that their involvement would increase the funds raised by the golf tournament. Rich also indicated that he would like to obtain a large key sponsorship to support the tournament.  However, to date, this has not be successful


Directors Insurance-. A motion to purchase directors liability insurance for $ 1,000,000 in coverage at a cost of $1030 per year was made by Rich St Pierre and seconded by Ken Nelson. The motion was voted on and approved by all active board members.


New Business


Donations- Rich Belliveau suggested that this year’s portion of monies donated from the golf tournament be given  to “”  organization  vs. the Connecticut National Guard Formation. The “Give2tothetroops” sends care packages to armed forces in combat zones. A motion was made by Rich St. Pierre and seconded by Ken Nelson to do so. The motion was approved.




Fund Raisers – Connecticut Renegades would like to use the grounds of 1GHG to hold their  regional match at the end of August/09. The 501 C would support this activity if the troop is willing.  Rich Belliveau will discuss with Major Downes to see if there is any willingness on the troop’s part to use this as a fund raiser. The funds could be raised by parking and concessions 


Ken Nelson and Rich St Pierre discussed using the grounds of  1GHG to hold a car show of some type. This will have to be investigated.



Next meeting.    TBD 3rd quarter 2009                     


William J. Cowell, Secretary