Fundraising for 2015

Become a member of the Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards.  Recent budget cuts by the state of Connecticut have eliminated our ENTIRE horse care budget.  $35-40,000 will be needed ANNUALLY.
Your annual $50.00 donation will help  defray the cost of horse care and allow this 237-year old institution to continue.  
100% of your donation will be spent to support the
First Company Governor’s Horse Guards!

To Donate now:


Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards

2015 Fundraising Events

The Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards will be hosting two main events this year. The first will be our horse show and the second event will be our golf tournament.

14 June, 2015 – Horse Show

On the 14th of June, Friends of 1GHG was held to support the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards. It was a full day of excitement for the family and the horse enthusiast.  Horse people from all over New England come to this show.  There are several classes, including but not limited to: jumping, in hand, pony, Western pleasure and driving.  Plan on attending our horse show in 2016 and spend the day, relaxing on the lawn watching a great family event.  The 12th of June is the TENTATIVE date.

This is the major fundraiser for the 1GHG and your support is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.  The committee is currently preparing the information for the event and it will be posted shortly.

Members of the 1GHG Troop are currently beginning to sell ad space in our brochure and seeking  donations for this event. Donations can be made by using the PayPal button (above).  By telephone at 860-673-3525 or via email:  CTFirstHorseGuard.

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