1GHG Recruit Program

The First Company Governor’s Horse Guards Recruit Program

The 1GHG is continually looking for more than a few good men and women to join the Troop.  Our Spring 2016 Recruit class just started Sunday, 3 April, and will run for 16 weeks.  However, we continue to actively recruit for the next class at the completion of this recruit training class, starting in the fall.

Many people ask us, “Do I have to ride horses to join?”  The answer is no, we will teach you.  Recruits are asked to commit to a 16-week recruit training program which typically meets twice a week until graduation.  During this time you will be taught about the history of the Troop, military bearing, code of conduct, horsemanship and how to ride.  Upon successful completion of the training, you will graduate into the Troop.

The Troop meets every Thursday evening at our headquarters in Avon, 280 Arch Road, from 1900 (7:00 PM) to 2130 (10:30 PM).  During drill practice, the riding squad will gather tack, meet at the picket line, groom, tack and head to the field for drill practice.

The First Company Governor’s Horse Guards is 236 years old this year, having formed in 1788.  We are the oldest, continuously run Militia Cavalry unit in all of the United States.  It is an honor to be part of such a prestigious operation.  Won’t you join us?

For more information, please email:  CTFirsthorse or call us at:  (860) 673-3525

Recruits after the Captain's ride, 4 August, 2013.

Recruits after the Captain’s ride, 4 August, 2013.

Individuals interested in the next recruit class can download our recruit package below.

Recruit application documents